Are you tired of hunting for a vertical tree for your tree stand?

The Johnson 360 mounts in any crooked tree up to a 45 degree angle left, right, or backward including compound angles.  You choose the tree that allows you to get on that game trail, food plot, or water source. Don't settle for a 80 yard shot when you can choose a 15 yard shot.

The Johnson 360 is a truly unique hunting platform. It is fully adjustable horizontally and vertically. The seat swivels 360 degrees for safer entry and exit into the stand as well as full visibility. You can mount the stand virtually anywhere.

The Johnson 360 features a 34" round platform that is fully adjustable left and right as well as front to back.  This allows you to climb the safe side of the tree and mount the stand to the side for safe entry and exit.  You no longer have to climb around your stand to get into it.Buy 1 Now!

The seat post is curved to the back providing more room for your feet.  You are no longer holding on by your heels and slipping out of the stand.  The seat rides on a nylon bushing so there is no need for lubrication.  The seat post is also adjustable for height so you are not limiting circulation to your lower legs.

The seat features a lumbar supporting back rest to help hold shooting form for bow hunters as well as comfortable cushions that allow you to remain comfortable during long hunts.  Although this stand was designed with archery hunters in mind, it also works great for crossbow and firearm hunters.

Get the ultimate tree hunting platform today.

You pick the tree....don't let the tree pick you!


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