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Photos for Townsend Letter Article

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 Photo 3.  Shown is the author standing on a rebounder and engaged in a low bounce.  This "Health Bounce" is a good warm-up exercise.  In the center of the rebounder, move up and down by using the toes and calf muscles.  Your feet shouldn't leave the mat. Photo 4.  Jumping Jacks.  Show is the high bounce exercise of jumping jacks.  Stand in the center of the rebounder with your feet together, hands at your sides.  Jump to a position of feet apart, swinging arms to the side and up over your head.  Keep arms straight.  Return to starting position and repeat. 
Photo 5.  Running in Place.  In the center of the rebounder, start a walking, jogging, or running motion.  Lift your knees high in front of you.  Don't wait for the rebounder to bounce your leg up-run at your own speed.  Photo 6.  The V-Bounce.  Sitting in the middle of the rebounder, lift your legs to a 45 degree angle while your back is at a 45 degree angle.  Using the motion of your arms, try bouncing without touching the rebounder with your hands. 
Photo 7.  High Bounce.  Standing in the middle of the rebounder, use your toes and calves and bend your knees to bounce off the mat from four to ten inches vertically so that you land in the center of the rebounder. Photo 8.  High Kick Step.  In the center of the rebounder, land on your left foot, while kicking your right foot straight out in front of you.  Then land on your right foot and kick your left foot straight out in front of you. 
Photo 9.  The Slalom.  With your feet parallel to the right of center, and your toes pointing ahead and to the left, bounce to the left of center and your toes are pointing ahead and to the right.  Your knees and hips should be bent slightly.  All the action is below he hips so that the torso remains virtually motionless and facing straight ahead.  (It isn't as easy as it looks, but then neither is skiing.)  Photo 10.  The Twist.  In the middle of the rebounder, bounce so that your hips and legs turn to the left and your chest and shoulders turn to the right.  On the next bounce, turn hips and legs to the right and the chest and shoulders to the left.  On the next bounce, reverse again. 

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