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Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE
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What is the deal with the "spring cover?"

To be perfectly frank, the term "spring cover" is a marketing term to divert your attention away from the true purpose of this piece of fabric.  It is a misnomer to disguise the real reason it exists.

The true purpose of the "spring cover" is to deflect your foot away from the bullhorn of the mat cleat.  For many years, all rebounders used a bullhorn style cleat which had a metal end that protruded between the spring sets.  The metal "horn" was used to keep the cleat from sliding out from the fabric tabs.  You still see this sort of cleat on cheap Asian imports.  The bullhorn allows the mat to be produce cheaply as it does not need to be precisely positioned.  Production speed can be increased significantly due to this sloppy mat construction .

Needak uses a safety cleat which is enclosed by the fabric tab.  There are no metal protrusions and therefore no need for the spring cover.  In addition, there are several other reasons to not use the spring cover:

Spring Cover / Frame Skirt




 Aesthetics-I don't want to see the springs or frame.    Trip Hazard for Children and Seniors or during exercise with leg movements
 Nostalgia-My old rebounder had one    Makes spring lubrication more difficult
     Prevents seeing the edge of the jump mat during exercise
     False sense of security
     Fabric does not protect the springs
     Fabric is not sufficient to protect a bare foot from contact with a spring
     Fabric is not sufficient to support the weight of a user
     Gives the dangerous impression the springs are a step to get onto or off from the rebounder. Stepping on the spring can actually shorten their life!

Black rebounder       
Blue rebounder       

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  Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE         

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