Which spring is on your rebounder?

If you haven't done a conversion, the serial numbers shown
in the left column will help you decide.

Spring Type 


Serial Numbers 

Soft-bounce(85% absorption)

4 1/4" end to end
barrel shape

4A7000 to 4A8999
1F0609 to 1F9999
1X0000 to 1X9999
3X0000 to 3X9999
5X0000 to 5X9999
7X0000 to 7X9999
9X0000 to 9X9999
1T0000 to 1T9999
3T0000 to 3T9999
5T0000 to 5T9999
7T0000 to 7T9999
9T0000 to 9T9999
L00000 to L99999 

Hard-bounce(40% absorption)

4 1/4" end to end
barrel shape
Replaced the
classic spring
March, 2007

1C1651 to 1C9999
HB0000 to HB9999

Classic (20-30% absorption)

Production ended
March, 2007
3 1/4" end to end
coils 3/4" diameter

4A0000 to 4A4999
4A9000 to 4A9999
1C0000 to 1C1650
5N0000 to 5N9999

Beginning September, 2017 we initiated a new serial number program which
utilizes the Product number (ie R01, R02, etc) to indicate the spring type.

Soft-bounce IS NOT Classic. The classic spring is not compatible
with either the Soft-bounce™ or Hard-bounce™ spring.

The Classic spring is the old style spring used for very stiff
rebounders. It has a very short longevity. NeedakŪ replaced it
with the long lifespan Hard-bounce™.

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