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Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE
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Sneider's Resistance Rebounding DVD by Harry & Sarah Sneider

Dr. Harry Sneider, PHD (Dr. Fit) is a world-renowned authority on fitness education, Olympic coaching, and is a world champion weight lifter. Sarah Sneider is certified by the American Council on Exercise with over 25 years of teaching rebounding. Rob Sneider is a two time All-American and professional volleyball player, leading sports-fitness trainer, and outstanding surfer. A certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience. These 3 experts combine to bring you 7 fantastic workouts that will change your life! 1. Warmup with Montage - Easy warmup with the Big 4 as you view the montage. 2. Daily Dozen - The most complete total body fitness in less than 7 minutes. 3. Arms, Chest, & Shoulders - The most effective program for toned arms, good posture, and upper body strength. 4. Legs, Thighs, & Butt - The best program ever to shape and strengthen your lower body. 5. Box n' Bounce - A fun way to a lean toned body, excellent calore burner. 6. Flat Abs & Strong Back - New Pilates inspired moves (like Rock n' Roll) that will give you long lean muscles, core strength, and firm abs. 7. Flexibility Stretch - Easy yoga based stretches to increase flexibility and reduce stress. Safe! Effective! Easy! Fun!

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Price: US$24.95

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  Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE         

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