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Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE
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Looking Good-Feeling Great book by Karol Truman

Finally--a better way... We've all shared the frustrations of diet and exercise. Diets are torture and they tend to take the weight off the wrong places. You want to trim your hips, so you diet. And there goes the curve of your bustline. Exercise isn't much better. Who wants to go out into the rain to jog, fighting off the dogs, the traffic, and the sore ankles? Who can afford to visit the spa three times a week? We all have the same goal: health, fitness, a nice figure. And the same obstacles: dieting that doesn't work and exercise that's hard to be consistent at. But finally there's a better way! I discovered the joys of rebounding several years ago, and I'm amazed at how it's benefited my life. It seems odd that such a simple little device could bring such fantastic results. But it's true! More data is coming in daily; and every day more men and women are being converted to rebound exercise. Rebounding gives the results you've been looking for--and it lets you have fun at the same time. Karol Kuhn Truman has been a student of physical fitness and nutrition for over twenty years. After being introduced to rebounding exercise early in the 1970's, she carefully tested it out, and soon became an avid convert. She was one of the first salespersons for the original round mini-trampoline, and helped in the development of much of the educational material on rebounding. During the past thirty years, Karol has been an instructor and lecturer on physical fitness, specifically on rebounding. She is also a professional musician and the mother of four children.

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