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Compare: Needak -vs- typical imported rebounders

Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE
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 Consumer Safety Alert!

Quite frankly, what we are about to tell you is somewhat biased.  However, as you analyze these comments I believe you will agree that these points must be considered carefully and logically before you purchase any rebounder.

Needak® has always stood for quality--manufacturing the top quality rebounders. We have maintained this status by never being satisfied with our success, but always striving to develop further improvements. At the same time we avoid the fads of the hype-sters, preferring to improve upon the time-tested. For example, our hinges are virtually indestructible, as proven by many tens of thousands of rebounders and 21+ years of real use by satisfied customers.

Safety is a major concern of ours. For example, NO Needak® rebounder ships with a frame skirt (formerly known as spring cover). That's basic, you say. Why would you not include a cover??  Doesn't that leave the springs totally exposed for feet, toes, or a child's fingers to get caught or pinched?  The takeaway here is that the skirt is an aesthetic device that provides an illusion of safety.  In reality it is a trip hazard for children, seniors, and those tired after exercising.  As for getting pinched, psychologically if you can see the springs you avoid them.  When they are hidden, people get hurt.

Needak's® steel frame (with steel legs) is strong and stable, thus providing safety for you and your family.  Yet, at just 25 lbs it can be folded and taken with you when traveling. You and your family deserve a sturdy time-tested Needak®. Beware of quality deficient Asian knockoffs with aluminum or plastic components (Madison Ave type hype calls plastic a "polymer composite" and aluminum "aeronautical materials").

Speaking of rebounder legs lets look at their durability and safety on a folding rebounder. Not only should they be made of steel rather than a softer metal like aluminum, but common sense tells us that for proper balance, each frame section should have the same number of legs. A different number of legs on each segment can result in excessive stress on the hinges, thus shortening the frame life and causing the eventual collapse of the rebounder.

One more example before closing: Al Carter, in his writings and lectures over many years has advised against rebounders that attach the springs directly into the rebounder frame. Doing so results in wearing of the frame. At Needak® we use special bolts called "clevis pins" through the frame onto which we attach the springs. Thus your Needak steel frame will last virtually forever.

In summary, we at Needak® Manufacturing in O'Neill, Nebraska are proud of the top quality rebounders we produce. Also to the best of our knowledge, we are the oldest rebounder manufacturer in the United States.  Every few years a new rebounder manufacturer starts up, but within a few years they are gone.  Imported components assembled in a garage is not manufacturing, nor is contracting an Asian jobber to build a short run product with your label on it.  For true quality control, we have our hands on every mat, spring, etc. Every steel frame undergoes multiple inspections from the drill holes to the welding and painting. All of these components are then assembled and before being shipped are test bounced.  All of this from Nebraska, USA.

Do call with any questions or concerns you may have.


Your Needak Sales Team

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  Needak Rebounders, Exercise Equipment, Oneill, NE         

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