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(For the purposes of this comparison we are examining the ReboundAIR® rebounder)


Non-Fold and ½ Fold1


Non-Fold and ½ Fold2


¼ Fold2

Type of company Manufacturer with direct retail sales Marketing/Promotional Company
Country of manufacture United States     Various Asian countries    
Years in production Continuous rebounder production since January, 1990 ReboundAIR® label has been applied to units from various manufacturers since 1994 and the current rebounder has been available since Dec. 2001.  Other marketers may change source more often. ReboundAIR® introduced this latest  version in June, 2002.  Three previous evolutions of this design have been sold by them.  All failed to endure in the real world when released to the public.
Frame 40 inch diameter-American Steel 40 inch diameter-Some models use Steel others use brittle plastic  (ReboundAIR® frame flaws)
Legs American Steel-Overall rebounder height is 10 inches Test unit legs are made of Aluminum-Overall rebounder height is 11 inches to compensate for weak springs.
Leg Tips Synthetic rubber.   Shorter design puts more rubber where it's needed.  Doesn't fall off the leg. Weighs the same as the Needak® leg tip (1.7oz).  Same diameter as Needak® tip, but concave design allows uneven wear.  (Comparison photo)
Polypropylene Jump Mat Yes Permatron Yes (Mat separation flaw)
Mat Cleats American Steel-No "bullhorns" ReboundAIR® Non-Fold and 1/2-Fold use the old "Bullhorn" design. 1/4-Fold Ultimate-Rebound® uses coated Aluminum.
Springs Needak® pioneered the 4¼ inch Soft-Bounce configuration in 1992.  All of our springs are made with music wire. Others have attempted to duplicate Needak®'s spring design.
Hinge Time Tested design with no failures. For your safety, hinges are securely  attached with a high tech welding process. Not secured to frame.  Attached with a pin.  Could result in catastrophic failure and collapse of rebounder and injury. Plastic, held together with screws or bolts (Plastic Hinge)
Weight 25 pounds between 28 and 32 pounds depending on model
Manufacturer's Warranty Best available today Asian manufacturer(s) unknown.   Marketing/Promotional company warranty.3
Frame Warranty Lifetime of original purchaser "Lifetime"3 of rebounder
Mat Warranty Unlimited replacement for 5 years if mat should fail. ReboundAIR®2 will replace only 1 mat
Spring Warranty Unlimited replacement of broken springs for 2 years. ReboundAIR®2 will replace up to 36 springs
Warranty Weight Limit 300 pounds.  Needak offers the Hard-bounce for those requiring additional weight resistance. 300 pounds 400 pounds.  Frame failed in less than 60 days with use by individual weighing less than 200 pounds. View frame
Replacement Parts New OEM parts always in stock and are easy for the user to install. Since ReboundAIR® is not a manufacturer, availability varies.  Needak® parts often fit imported rebounders. Some parts are not easily  serviceable by the user.  Others cannot be replaced and require the entire unit be retired.
Endorsed by Albert Carter See Al Carter demonstrating and selling a Needak rebounder Mr. Carter understandably endorses whatever rebounder his marketing company is currently selling
Recommended by Dr. Morton Walker Yes, see "Jumping For Health" from The Townsend Letter For Doctors No
Availability Always in stock since we are a manufacturer Depends on delivery schedule of Asian manufacturer, ocean shipping delays, etc.
Shipping Almost always sent same or next business day.  Tracking Info and estimated delivery date can be e-mailed to you. Delivery time varies with service.   Actual shipping time depends on stock availability.
Supporting Materials Largest selection of videos and books on rebounding available anywhere. Some

There are various additional claims made by ReboundAIR regarding Al Carter and his team of Asian engineers designing the Needak rebounder in the mid 1980s.  Since Needak wasn't founded until January, 1990 there is no point to discuss this further.

A further claim is made that Al Carter's former students own and operate Needak.  Only one person even remotely associated with Needak has ever even met Mr. Carter, let alone having been trained by him.  We are baffled by some of these wild statements and don't even know how to begin to discuss them.

1)  The Quarter folding rebounder design has several serious flaws which cannot be overcome by fancy engineering or trendy materials.  In the interest of consumer safety, Needak® does not produce a Quarter fold rebounder.

2)  Taken from ReboundAIR® marketing materials January, 2011.  Correspondence by an independent surveyor regarding clarification of details and specifications of ReboundAIR® rebounders and their programs remains unanswered.

3)  "Fine print" of the ReboundAIR® warranty severely restricts the "marketing hype".

ReboundAIR® is a registered trademark and Ultimate-Rebound is a trademark of the American Institute of Reboundology, Orem, UT. 

Needak® is a registered trademark  and Soft-Bounce™ is a trademark of Needak Manufacturing LLC, O'Neill, NE.

All photographs and test results are the product of testing and examination conducted on a ReboundAIR® rebounder in June/July, 2003 by Needak Mfg.  Comparisons are made with average production rebounder test results of Needak Mfg. production line units.  All of the information is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is based on statements found in ReboundAIR® promotional materials, direct observation, and sources deemed to be reliable.  This page is provided for informational purposes only.